Top 3 Home Break-In Access Points + DIY Ways To Reinforce Them

1. Front Door: 34% of Break-Ins

Most break-ins occur here, so invest in a solid, pick-resistant deadbolt lock (and remember to lock it!). An added step: Keep your outdoor entry light on a timer so it illuminates your house at night.

Smartkey, $30; Kwikset

2. First-Floor Windows: 23% of Break-Ins

You’ll need sash locks, of course, but easy-to-reach windows should get double protection. This wireless alarm system sounds off every time a window is opened to scare away would-be intruders.

GE Wireless Alarm System kit with 3 battery-operated alarms, $30; Jasco Products

3. Side Entry: 22% of Break-Ins

If you have sliding glass doors, install a solid metal jammer that folds up when not in use to keep them from being lifted off their tracks.

Adjustable Security Bar, $30; Improvements

4. See Even More Access points and DIY Tips

Learn how to reinforce your garage, basement, and second floor home access points with tips from America’s most trusted home improvement brand. See How to Prevent Break-Ins for more

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